Frequently Asked Questions - Instacart

What is Instacart?

Instacart is a grocery delivery service that delivers in as little as an hour! We connect customers with Personal Shoppers who shop and deliver groceries.

What services will my store be offering through the partnership with Instacart?

Customers will be able to order an assortment of groceries, household items, health & beauty, pet, and consumable baby items (e.g. diapers, formula, etc.) for delivery to their home or office. Tobacco, Lottery Tickets, gift cards and other items are not permitted on Instacart.

Where does Instacart deliver?

Instacart delivers in a growing list of major and smaller markets throughout the continental U.S., though delivery will be constrained to a 20-30 min radius from each participating store. Customers can check out their eligibility at

Customers select items via Instacart web or mobile apps. They can elect to have their groceries delivered within 1 hour, within 2 hours, or with scheduled delivery within a 1 hour or 2 hour window depending on location.

What are the Instacart delivery hours?

Instacart operates from 9AM to 10PM daily, but will be restricted to store hours. On holidays, Instacart delivery hours are subject to special store holiday hours. Customers can view available delivery times for their area at checkout and from the shopping cart on the site.

How much does the Instacart delivery cost?

Delivery costs start at just $3.99 for a two hour or scheduled delivery with a purchase of $35. There is a $10 order minimum on all orders. Customers also have the option to purchase an "Express Membership" for $99 annually which includes free delivery for all orders over $35.

Who does the shopping and delivery?

Instacart has a network of Personal Shoppers. The Personal Shoppers pick, check out, and pack specific items on a customer's grocery list and then deliver the order directly to the customer.

How does Instacart deal with out-of-stocks?

Instacart has a concept called "replacement items." Our Personal Shoppers select an item that is comparable to the original based on brand, flavor, size, healthy option and price. Personal Shoppers confirm these "replacement items" with the customer before checking out.

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